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Condor Properties Ltd. 



Condor Properties Ltd. (the "Company") is a real estate developer that was developing a multi-phase, 10 acre parcel of waterfront property in Sooke, B.C., known as Mariner's Village.


The Bowra Group Inc. was appointed Receiver-Manager of the assets, undertakings and properties of Condor Properties Ltd. on December 2, 2015 pursuant to a court order granted by the Supreme Court of British Columbia, Action No. 150543.


Phase 1 is complete and includes a 33 unit condo building, 16 townhomes and a 50 slip marina.  16 condo units and 8 townhomes were conveyed prior to receivership.  

File Updates

Condor Properties Ltd.  was assigned into Bankruptcy on June 21, 2016.  The Bowra Group Inc. was appointed Trustee in Bankruptcy.

Certificate of Appointment

Court Orders

Receivership Order

Court Order Authorizing Filing of Assignment – June 9, 2016 


Form 87 - Receivership Appointment Package 

The First Meeting of Creditors (“FMOC”) will be held on July 8, 2016, 10:00 AM at:

Sandman Hotel Victoria

2852 Douglas Street

Victoria, British Columbia, V8T 4M5

FMOC Creditors Package