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Shamrock Valley Enterprises Ltd.




The Bowra Group Inc. was appointed Receiver Manager (“Receiver”) of Shamrock Valley Enterprises Ltd. (“Shamrock Valley”) pursuant to an Order granted by the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta dated July 30, 2021 and stayed until August 27, 2021. On August 27, 2021 a further Order was granted lifting the stay related to the Receivership Order.


Shamrock Valley operates out of offices in Elk Point, Alberta and provides services in the form of general earthworks, oil and gas infrastructure, grading, road building and fluid hauling.

File Updates: 

The Receiver, is seeking offers to purchase the equipment and rolling stock (the “Equipment”) of the Company consisting of the following:

  • Scrapers;

  • Dozers;

  • Packers;

  • Excavators;

  • Fluid and earth haulers;

  • Heavy and light equipment haulers;

  • Tractor-trailers;

  • Trucks;

  • Miscellaneous heavy duty mechanic equipment;

  • Miscellaneous warehouse equipment; and,

  • Office furniture/ equipment.


In addition Shamrock owns approximately 22.07 acres including a 13,000 sq. ft. office and shop building, a 1,728 sq. ft. storage building and 6 full-service RV sites in a gravel yard (the “Land and Buildings”).  The Receiver is also seeking offers to purchase the Land and Buildings of the Company. 


The deadline to submit offers to purchase the Equipment, Land and Buildings of Shamrock is 4:00pm MST on Friday, November 26, 2021. Further information can be found in the Request for Offers to Purchase (“ROP”) Package posted below.

ROP Package


Alternatively, for more information regarding the equipment please contact:


Nicole Carreau

(780) 705-0488

Application Materials: Receivershi:p

Affidavit of Dean Chan – July 7, 2021

Affidavit of Murry Nielsen – July 29, 2021

Application to Appoint Receiver – July 30, 2021

Brief of CWB – July 30, 2021

Second Affidavit of Murry Nielsen – August 19, 2021

Affidavit of M.L. Phillips – August 23, 2021

Service List – August 23, 2021

Application – August 27, 2021

Statement of Claim

Court Orders:

Stay of Receivership Order – July 30, 2021 

Receivership Order – August 27, 2021

Order – August 27, 2021